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It’s hard to predict the future, but sometimes things are clearer than others. Let’s look out maybe 3-5 years or so. Just about every student has an iPad-like mobile device that’s pervasively connected to the Internet/cloud. Here are two possible sets of “class materials” for a typical art history major:

  • Other similar books, for art and other classes. Cost: high. Weight: tremendous

  • Pervasively-connected iPad-like mobile device. List Price (future): $200. Weight: 1-2 pounds
  • Art Authority and other similar apps. List Price (current): $10. Weight: 0
  • Other similar apps, iBooks and sites, for art and other classes. Cost: low. Weight: 0


A pretty unbalanced picture, huh? We’re very happy to be helping to make the lighter side a reality sooner rather than later.


Our previously announced intership program is now rolling along, with dozens of interns learning the ropes in the burgeoning digital art field while at the same time helping us to enhance our digitalized art collection. They’re also helping us implement the first stages of our recently announced partnership with Bridgeman Art Library, which involves merging the two collection databases together in preparation for adding print-on-demand capabilities to Art Authority for iPad.

Relatedly, Art Authority was just featured at the Art Career Project in an article entitled “15 Art Apps You Should Be Using.” We definitely appreciate the publicity and accolades (“one of the most beautifully designed apps on iTunes”), but we even more appreciate the recognition that we’re on the right track with our education initiatives:

  • The Art Career Project Web site says “We are a group of people – much like you – who are passionate about art.” Check.
  • It also says “a career in art often starts with an excellent education.” Check.
  • And “We’re looking to educate you on how to educate yourself in preparation for an exciting career in art!” Check!

So thanks, Art Career Project, for doing what you do and for helping us validate that what we’re doing can really be important.