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Art Authority is pleased to announce our first major art acquisition. If Art Authority were a traditional art institution, we might well be announcing that we had obtained a rare painting by a renowned artist like Rembrandt or van Gogh. Instead, this being the 21st century, we’re announcing that we have obtained 1000 museums worth of art!

To be specific, Art Authority has acquired the digital portfolio of 1000Museums, Inc. Both Art Authority and 1000Museums have been pioneers in connecting art museums and art communities in new ways. 1000Museums’ particular strengths have been their relationships, their museum partners, and their web-based capability to affordably provide art lovers with high quality reproductions of works from those museums.

1000Museums’ relationships and print capabilities complement our own, combining with our award-wining mobile app line to greatly advance our mission of making the world’s art accessible to all the world. We can now look forward to working with not just one thousand, but many thousands of museums, helping them use Internet-era tools to connect them and their collections with the rapidly expanding community of art lovers, art students, and art creators around the world.


Gallery of the Louvre, S.B. Morse, 1831-33, Terra Foundation for American Art

Not that long ago, the only way art lovers could view the art they loved was by traveling to art museums in their local community and around the world, and the only communities art museums could draw on were their local ones and those art travelers. With our 1000Museums art acquisition, we here at Art Authority think we’ve taken a huge step in giving art lovers easy access to way more art, and art museums easy access to way more art lovers. We couldn’t be more pleased if we had acquired a Rembrandt ourselves!

Art and society have been linked for as long as there have been art and society. Art has been a part of society, and society has been a part of art.

Art Authority is a great example. As Apple iDevices have become a part of society, so has Art Authority. We love it when people come up to us at shows and say how much they’ve enjoyed or learned from the app. But we also want society to become a part of Art Authority.

As announced this week, we’re going to help you hang great art on your wall, making classic art available to classic society in a classic way. But we also want to help make classic art available to new society in new ways.

Apple has recently integrated new social networking features into iOS 6, and we’ve added these to Art Authority for iPad. You can now easily post works you love to your Twitter or Facebook account. Just tap a button while looking at any work in the app, and tweet or post that work, complete with your thoughts and comments.


And we’re going further. We’re introducing our own, art-specific social network site: Not only does our community site give you Web-based access to the same 55,000+ works of art as the app, but it lets you comment on and rate those works (and their artists and locations) in various ways. You can even keep track of which works you’ve seen “in real life.”


Speaking of “real life,” the site is signing up a number of “real” art authorities to provide expert commentary. We’ve also integrated Prints on Demand into the site, so if you see a work you really love, you can get a customized framed print for your wall. And this blog is now part of the site too!

Of course we plan to add lots of additional features in the future, such as forums and art news. But we think what’s here today is a great start, and we’re looking forward to seeing what society thinks of the whole thing. So please do check out and let us know!


More art to more people in more ways! That’s our mantra here at Art Authority, and today is a big day in that respect. Today we’re formally introducing “Prints on Demand.” Most of you have used our Art Authority app line to look at, explore, enjoy and learn about great art. With Prints on Demand, you can now hang great art on your walls too.

Prints on Demand is integrated directly into a new, just-out version of Art Authority for iPad (version 4.7, which includes other great new features we’ll blog about shortly). It’s also available through a standalone Web site, Either way, when looking at a work, just hit the ORDER button and you can customize and purchase your own print of the work. You can specify size, paper type (including a canvas option) and frame, to get that just-right look.


Prints on Demad is a direct result of our previously announced partnership with Bridgeman Art Library and The Image Collective. Bridgeman provides the ultra-high resolution image needed to create a print-quality version of the work (thousands of pixels on each side). The Image Collective uses their expertise and high-end equipment to actually produce the print.

We’re starting the service today with a couple hundred all-time classic works, but will rapidly be expanding that number into the thousands through Bridgeman’s extensive collection. The service is initially available throughout the US, and we plan to add Canada within the next month, with other countries after that.

So, update your version of Art Authority for iPad to 4.7, or go to And get more art in more ways right now.